Our services

Differentiated Approach

Unlike traditional real estate brokerage firms that represent landlords and/or specific buildings, TRS Associates, Inc., relies on the strength of relationships built with tenants. Our fees are paid by the landlord as landlords recognize that TRS represents and guides high-quality tenants to their property. Tenants  benefit from our knowledge and best-in-class representation and incur no fees as a result of our involvement.

Professional Representation

TRS can help tenants avoid the most common tenant pitfalls. Some growing businesses and prospective tenants believe they can save money by not working with an agent, and/or by calling a landlord (or landlord’s broker) directly. This ultimately costs the tenant as the tenant unwittingly agrees to unfavorable and potentially binding terms. Savvy tenants recognize the value of working with a professional agent to negotiate on their behalf, and understand the advantageous cost structure as they are not responsible for covering representation fees.

Market Analysis

TRS Associates, Inc. can prepare market analysis so that tenants have a full understanding of their target market and feel confident in the price they are paying. We do this by maintaining a database of the most comprehensive listings of available commercial space ranging from “Class A” corporate space to inexpensive “Class C” back-office space. We continuously monitor properties and simultaneously conduct market and economic analysis to understand average rent, absorption rates, demographics, traffic count, competition, and more. Many factors must be taken into consideration when selecting the right property for the location of your business, and no lease or renewal should be completed without an up-to-date understanding of current market conditions.

Lease Review & Negotiation

Our experienced professionals have thorough knowledge of the language and terms used in lease agreements (i.e., rentable vs. useable space, construction & tenant improvement allowances, pricing & escalation costs, prepayment penalties, etc.). We take a diligent, detail-oriented approach to our lease review, and have always been proud of our ability to consistently negotiate favorable terms for our tenants.

Defined Area of Expertise

Not all real estate agents are equal. TRS Associates, Inc. defines its expertise in commercial real estate and specifically in that of tenant representation. TRS Associates, Inc. would not advise on residential properties or purchases. Likewise, we would not recommend a tenant work with a residential broker given the specialized needs associated with commercial transactions.